• Okay, so you can sail pretty fast, but it still seems like more times than not you end up behind your buddies, checking out the configuration of the tails of their boards. The solution to getting back out front could be as simple as an adjustment in your boom height and harness line length. Try raising your booms to armpit height and shortening the harness lines to about 8 or 10 inches long. If you find yourself wondering, "How in the world am I going to hook in with this setup?" then you're probably hooking in too early, anyway. You really shouldn't be able to hook in until you've begun to accelerate. Acceleration enables you to move back on the board, which naturally causes you to rake the sail back, which drops your relative boom height. And at that point, it's usually quite comfortable to hook in. Now you're able to "lock it and rocket." Your new, rigid, carbon-body stance versus your old, squatty, bum-dragging one allows more of your body weight to be supported by the lift of the sail instead of by the board's volume. Weight off the board equals less wetted surface, less drag, greater efficiency and faster overall speed. Also, you'll want to keep your hips forward, shoulders back, arms extended, hands closer together and your toes pointed forward, and before you know it, your sailing buddies will be studying the graphics on the tail of your board.

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