• A good stance in windsurfing is a lot like having good posture in everyday life. With good posture, you look great and feel even better. With a good stance, you sail better and look great. So what constitutes a good stance? Lets look at the stance from head to toe.
    FEET; The balls of the feet should be placed on the centerline, with the front foot at a 45-degree angle and toward the nose of the board. It's easier to resist being pulled forward by the sail if your front foot is turned toward the nose. The back foot should be perpendicular to the board at a 90-degree angle.
    KNEES; The knees should be slightly bent, with the front knee turned slightly forward facing the direction that you're headed. The knees should mirror the direction of the feet. Resist the pull of the sail as you sheet in by pushing off the front foot, locking out the front knee, bending the back knee slightly and counterbalancing.
    BACK; The back should be straight or angled away from the sail to help you resist its pull. Never bend forward at the waist, as you lose all your leverage over the sail and will quickly get pulled over. Instead, bend the knees and lean back against the pull of the sail.
    SHOULDERS AND ARMS; The shoulders should never be inside or forward of your hips - a function of keeping your back straight. Keep your arms straight as the wind gusts and lulls. The tendency is to bend your arms, but don't! Keep your arms straight and bend your legs. Head The head should be turned forward toward the direction you're headed, and your eyes should be looking forward at all times. A lot of sailors have a bad habit of looking at their equipment when they start to lose control of the rig. Concentrate on looking forward. Remember, your equipment isn't in control; you are.

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