• Do you ever feel like your sailing posture is twisted and uncomfortable to the point that you're fighting the sail and your back aches?
    If so, it could be that you're sailing with your hips and shoulders not parallel to the boom - a common mistake. Try to think of yourself and the rig as dance partners, with you leading. If you and your partner aren't in sync, dancing becomes a struggle. But if you're both moving together, the dancing begins to flow in time with the music.
    Next time you're out on the water, check your posture. Are you squared up, with your shoulders and hips parallel to the rig? What about your hands and feet? Remember, just like dancing, your hands aren't glued to your partner's (the boom) and your feet aren't glued to the floor (the board). When you open the sail and angle it away from the centerline, open your stance as well. When you close your sail and sheet in parallel to the centerline, your shoulders should follow.
    Another correlation between sailing and dancing is attitude. If you feel insecure or are intimidated by a certain dance move, it'll show on the floor. The same goes for sailing. If you don't put enough zeal into initiating a jibe, for example, your body will lean too far forward, which often causes you to work too hard to keep the rig upright over the board. But if you stand tall and secure with your hips over your forward knee, you'll be able to keep the rig under control with less effort.

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