• Sooner or later during your maiden voyage you're going to realize that you need to turn around and return to where you started.
    The 180-degree turn toward the wind is probably the best way to accomplish this because you end up slightly upwind of where you started, which is important in the beginning.
    From the sailing position, you switch to the basic position - holding the mast with your arms stretched, knees bent and forming a nice V between the hips and the mast. Next, lean the rig back as if sweeping the foot of the sail over the tail of the board. This will cause you to turn in a nice, long arc toward the wind. It's very important at this point that you maintain your front foot against the mast foot or your board will refuse to turn. In addition, your centerboard must be in the down position. When the foot of your sail touches your back foot, pull both your feet together while maintaining contact with the mast foot and keep your knees bent. Continue the same sweeping motion until the board comes to the new basic position (the sail is 90 degrees to the board).
    Now you're ready to sail on the new side. Keep looking ahead through the entire maneuver. And remember, the rougher the water, the more you have to bend your knees.

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