Alaçati is amazing!, not only with its consistent and steady wind, and its architecture, but also with the different means of travelling to get there. You may choose to fly to Izmir and in an hour, you will find yourself setting up your equipment in front of the beautiful bay. If you prefer to drive to Alacati, that is no problem, it will take you a maximum of half an hour's driving from Izmir to Alacati. Finally, you may set sail to Aegean Sea to board Alaçati. Whichever way you prefer, here on this page, you will find detailed information on "how to get to Alacati" as well as some handful tips and tricks to make your trip more enjoyable. Address and contact information of Alaçati Windsurfers' Paradise are also provided.

Fly to Alaçati
The closest both national and international airport to Alaçati is Adnan Menderes airport in Izmir. Once there, it will take less than an hour reach the bay by the highway...
Tip: Some airline companies provide limitless baggage allowance for sports equipment for a small annual fee. If you would like to bring your own equipment, please check with your local agency for such an opportunity.

Drive to Alaçati
If you are driving from the Europe, after crossing the border at Kapikule-Edirne, you may either take the road to Canakkale or Istanbul. From Istanbul, Route E-5 will take you around the Marmara sea...
Tip: If you are driving through Canakkale, be sure to visit the historical Gallipoli national park and Troja to see the wooden Trojan Horse of the legends and history.
Tip: Driving through Istanbul, do not miss the golden opportunity of absorbing the beauties of different cultures emerged in the long history of the city, where East meets West.

Sail to Alaçati
Set Sail to the East Mediterranean...
Tip: You may pay a visit to beautiful bays of Aegean cost on your way. After all, you have heard about the amazing Blue Voyage, haven't you?

Take a Ferry Trip to Alaçati
There are two shortcuts to Alaçati from Europe. You may choose Greece or Italy for your starting point to take a ferry trip to Çesme. After completing the usual port and customs formalities, it will take you approximately 20 minutes to get to Alaçati Windsurfers' Paradise.

If you need help in Alaçati
Once you are in Alaçati, you may need help in hotel bookings, or a taxi or a scooter or even booking a table at a restaurant, please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit the Cafeteria, AWP staff will be more than happy to help. You can also check out our AWP Recommends link where you will find details of the windsurf stations, hotels, cafe's and restaurants, shops and other useful information. AWP wishes you a pleasent stay in Alaçati.

Alaçati Beach Club
Alaçati Liman Mevkii
Alaçati - Izmir

Phone : +90-232-7166161 pbx
Telefax : +90-232-7167070

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Alaçati Beach Resort
Alaçati Liman Mevkii
Alaçati - Izmir

Phone : +90-232-7166161 pbx
Telefax : +90-232-7167070

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