• The key to using less effort during the sail flip is understanding more about how the sail balances. The sail is a triangle, so try to picture how a triangle would spin on one point and think about how much it would weigh if it were leaning away from you. While sailing clew-first, the triangle isn't balanced, which creates lots of mast weight. This weight on the edge of an unbalanced triangle will pull you over if you're not careful. Counterbalancing the weight of the mast requires keeping your hips in, your head up and your knees bent. Place the clew hand far back on the boom to assist in controlling the sail. The mast hand controls the power similarly to the back hand in a normal sailing position and should be placed near the balance point. Now it's time to flip the sail. First you level the boom to windward with your clew hand until the mast is vertical, which eliminates the weight of the rig. Keep your shoulders back as you slide the mast hand down the boom. Be sure to keep your hips in and knees bent. Keeping your head down, butt out and legs straight almost always results in the sail pulling you to leeward. To complete the sail flip, release the clew hand while pulling in with the mast hand simultaneously. Reach under your mast hand with your clew hand, grabbing the new side of the boom using an under-style grip. Turn your head forward and extend your front arm while reaching back with your new back hand. Rotate the cambers (if you have any) by sheeting in with your back arm and shoulder. Hang down from the boom to increase speed and save your balance.

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