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Southern view

Windsurf StationsThe village is entered via a reception building where check-in and check-out procedures are done. The one storey high lobby has a small bar, which serves customers in the reception hall. After leaving the building, one can either go to one's room under a trellised walk, passing through the "Welcome Court", which overlooks the swimming pool area, walking down the Alaçati Street. On the other hand, if one wants to go to the social facilities, the beach or the pool, one follows the pedestrian path, leading from the Reception Building, passing tangent to the social facilities.

In the social facilities area, there is a fitness center building (with a Turkish bath, sauna, fitness room and squash courts), the main pool, children's pool, a pool bar and the poolside activities, the restaurant and the service building. All the social buildings have the character of Ottoman-Turkish traditional architecture with stone walls; small openings, barrel vaults and domes, with Spanish tiled roofs wherever appropriate.

HotSpaThe restaurant has a huge concrete trellis in front with a reflecting pool underneath which is always in the shade of the trellis. The outdoor dining area is shady because of the trellis structure. The dining plaza is joined spatially and visually to the amphitheater where animations and live shows may attract people from the restaurant as well. This area is the "heart" of the social life of the complex, with a clock tower complementing the spatial enclosure as well as the Agora Tavern. The clock tower is also meant to be a "landmark" within the low profile of the village.

A service road running behind the buildings on the north side of the site has access to the service building where kitchen, laundry, housekeeping, technical services and personnel facilities are located.Main Restaurant

Within the complex, emphasis will be given on recreation; especially sea sports (windsurfing, water skiing, yachting, diving and swimming) as well as beach volley and squash. There will be one pier and a windsurf school which will serve the beach during the day. The beach and the sea are beautiful. It is intended to keep them that way by minimum intervention into these areas. There will be a beach bar to serve those using the beach. Lastly, there will be two tennis and one basketball courts, which will be illuminated during the night.

Total Land Area : 26,605 m2

Total Permissible Building Area : 11,972 m2

Permissible Building Area for Zone 2 : 8,741 m2

Permissible Building Area for Zone 3 : 3,231 m2

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