He is cute! He is funny! He is a windsurfer! He is 'FIO the JIBER!'

Here are your copies of 'FIO THE JIBER', the new mascot of Alacati Windsurfers' Paradise, in Windows BMP format for your desktop wallpaper. Grab 'em quick, and meet with your strongest opponent in the next race!

Please choose one of the files below that is appropriate for your screen resolution.

Example: If your screen resolution is 800x600 and you want Fio watching you all day long then you should download alacati02_800.exe.


alacati01_1024.exe (1024x768, 606 KB)
alacati01_800.exe (800x600, 486 KB)
alacati01_640.exe (640x480, 335 KB)

alacati02_1024.exe (1024x768, 415 KB)
alacati02_800.exe (800x600, 364 KB)
alacati02_640.exe (640x480, 258 KB)
alacati03_1024.exe (1024x768, 425 KB)
alacati03_800.exe (800x600, 299 KB)
alacati03_640.exe (640x480, 212 KB)
alacati04_1024.exe (1024x768, 452 KB)
alacati04_800.exe (800x600, 314 KB)
alacati04_640.exe (640x480, 221 KB)

alacati05_1024.exe (1024x768, 453 KB)
alacati05_800.exe (800x600, 320 KB)
alacati05_640.exe (640x480, 225 KB)
alacati06_1024.exe (1024x768, 950 KB)
alacati06_800.exe (800x600, 728 KB)
alacati06_640.exe (640x480, 497 KB)

The files are in self-extracting ZIP format. After you download the proper file, you need to extract it into your windows directory by double-clicking on it then define it as your desktop wallpaper. (Hint: Try right-clicking the mouse somewhere on desktop to activate your computer's desktop properties!)

All files are virus-scanned and error-free. More "Fio the Jiber" wall papers will follow shortly!


turkiye1.zip Format: MPEG, File Size: 4,66 MB (4.894.237 bytes), Duration: 00.31sn
turkiye2.zip Format: MPEG, File Size: 7,21 MB (7.567.904 bytes), Duration: 00.43sn
turkiye3.zip Format: MPEG, File Size: 6,53 MB (6.853.020 bytes), Duration: 00.40sn



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